Forest investment advisory

Private forests are an attractive investment opportunity, a multi-tool for making conservative investments, running a diversified business and doing carbon trade.

Being a stable and conservative asset during turbulent times, forestland is appreciating continuously and without heavy fluctuations, which allows to win back even big inflation losses without significant risks.

Forest ownership may also bring a whole range of profit generation streams, not necessarily invloving woodworking. With private forests, you’re able to run a green and a very diversified business.

Agricultural and forest lands have been underestimated for many years, but this trend has recently reversed. In the US, 30% of the land is owned not by farmers, but by investors – institutional funds and Bill Gates among others.

In the Scandinavian countries and in Germany, forestland is a traditional retirement asset, and many well-off people consider such an investment option. Wood prices are rising gradually, without sharp fluctuations and plunges. The average annual profitability of private forestry in Finland is around 6% or €109 per hectare.

The amount of time spent on forest management depends only on the owner’s preferences: in Sweden or Finland, it is possible to buy a forest and manage it effectively without ever visiting it. With online tools, you can book a service of wood planting or logging in one click. With more time and willingness, you may invest in the intensive forest growth and get higher liquidity and return on assets.

Reputational and ethical considerations play an important role in the popularity of forest assets, since buying a forest fits perfectly into the ESG agenda: today’s forestry does not necessarily mean wood harvesting to supply timber producers. A typical forest farmer in Scandinavia has diverse sources of income, which are often comparable to harvesting in terms of revenues.

With our deep expertise in forest assessment, including tree-wise forest inventory, we can help you pick, assess and acquire forest assets.