Carbon trade & footprint analysis

We help industrial companies estimate their carbon footprint, analyse ways to optimise it and make their operations carbon-neutral, as well as buy carbon credits or private forests to generate credits on their own.

We also help forest owners establish their own carbon trading to generate additional income flow.

Our experts will help you learn how the carbon credit trade works and what are potential issues and pitfalls upon entering this market.

How it works

Forest owners are able to earn extra profits for the very fact of planting their forests. This will require understanding the mechanisms of carbon credit trade.

According to the EU Green Deal policy, duties are imposed on any carbon-generating production if the carbon footprint is not neutralized. As forests are accumulating carbon from the athmosphere, forest owners may sell carbon credits to industrial companies.

Normally, credits are traded via international brokers who operate large pools of accumulated carbon.

If a private company or person wants to trade carbon credits, it is necessary to take measures boosting carbon accumulation like planting additional trees, improve growth rate, introduce intensive forest management, and fertilize the soil.

Here’s one example of how it works. A Finnish forest owner requested us to measure carbon volume accumulated on his forest plot. The more the volume, the higher are carbon credit earnings.

Such a study required taking pictures both during summer and winter to control planting of the seedlings. The photos below show the forest plot at the moment of forest asset acquisition in April 2019 and after planting the seedlings in late September 2019.

Using custom algorithms, our specialists defined the density of seedlings planted and the volume of CO2 this forest is capable to accumulate every year.

If you have any questions on the technologies we use or if you’d like to learn more about our services, feel free to drop us a mail.